The Prevention and Early Intervention Initiative was a significant investment by The Atlantic Philanthropies and government from 2004 to 2016 which generated evidence, data and learning from evidence informed services for children and young people in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

CES produced a range of summaries, reports and resources for policy makers and practitioners based on the research. Through the Prevention and Early Intervention Research Initiative, CES ensured that all of the research was archived for future use in the Digital Repository of Ireland.

Key resources include:

Child, Youth and Family Database for practitioners and researchers

The On the Right Track series brings together all reports from CES’s work in Prevention and Early Intervention.

On the Right Track: Summaries and key messages

On the right track: Implementation

On the right track: Child behaviour summary

On the right track: Parenting summary

On the right track: Children's learning summary

On the right track: Child health summary

On the right track: Inclusion and Diversity Summary